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Simple Easter Dresses!

Since most of my fabric/trims/etc are still in storage, I decided to pick up a few ready-made dresses from All About Blanks at the recent Sewing Expo. These are cute, but plain, sundresses. You can easily and quickly turn them into darling dresses for Easter or just “Sunday best” by adding lace, ribbon and trims. Note that the decorative trim extends to the back of the bodice. The back of the dress should be just as cute as the front!

The first two dresses, white with pink or blue collars and hems, have 3 rows of decorative stitching around the skirt. The third dress is all white with two rows of cutwork stitching along the hem.

On the white/pink dress I stitched Swiss beading trim woven with pink ribbon around the hem and bodice – both front and back. I used pink silk ribbon roses as accents along the trim/ribbon at the hem and bodice front.

white_ pink dress

White & pink dress

The blue/white dress features a French Lace beading woven with white ribbon around the hem and bodice as well. The accents are white silk ribbon bows.

white_blue dress

White & blue dress

For the white dress, I cut the two rows of cutwork stitching apart and inserted a row of French Lace. Narrow lavender silk ribbon was woven through both rows of cutwork. I stitched a row of French Lace on both sides of a length of Swiss insertion. This “fancy band” was then stitched onto the bodice (front and back) in a V shape.

A row of French Lace beading woven with lavender silk ribbon was stitched around the bodice and 3 lavender silk ribbon bows added to the front ~ and one on the back.

white with lavender

White Dress


Even when short on time and supplies, you can create dresses ready to be worn to any special occasion!


FYI  These dresses(and others) are available for purchase . . .

My First Post!

This is uncharted territory for me – so y’all have to bear with me! Although the tagline refers to Heirloom Sewing, I also enjoy sewing garments, gifts and quilts. I have 5 granddaughters and two grandsons for whom I enjoy sewing/creating. Journey with me as I share my love of sewing with you.

The Sewing & Stitchery Expo, held at the fairgrounds in Puyallup WA, was this weekend. 4 days of vendors, shows, classes and fun! This event is almost an annual pilgrimage for me, for over 20 years now. Dedie, a very good family friend, and I spent all day on Thursday. Saw lots of bright, colorful fabrics, wonderful (and tempting) notions, met friends – both new and old. A fun time was had by all!

I visited with another long-time friend, Nadeen Ward (on right in photo) of “Dolls R Sew Fun”. She designs patterns for 18″ dolls, carrying supplies & accessories and now ~ a book on sewing for dolls. Great work, Nadeen!

nadeen_me 2014 expo