Darling Dress for Baby or Doll

This dress features a full skirt, cummerbund with bow and wide collar in matching gingham, embellished with pintucks, French lace, satin ribbon and embroidery. The back closes with small mother-of-pearl buttons. This pattern will fit either a 24” Middleton Doll or 6-9 month old baby.

The center front of the wide circular collar is embroidered with a delicate floral vine then trimmed in lace and ribbon. The Heirloom techniques used are stitching lace to gathered-lace and lace to fabric, which is then accented by a narrow strip of ribbon. The neckline is trimmed in gathered lace and entredeux.



Entredeux is a “ladder” trim used in Heirloom sewing as a “bridge” between lace and fabric, fabric to fabric, or lace to lace, as well as a trim all by itself. In the picture, you will see I am using Tiger Tape to hold the gathers in place until stitched. The same technique is used to stitch gathered-lace to lace.

gathered lace to entredeux

gathered lace to entredeux

Pintucks are created using a grooved foot and a twin needle. A slightly stiffer fabric works best, so if your fabric is light-weight, such as batiste, spray starch before stitching. Following the groove on the foot creates even spacing between pintucks.

stitching pintucks

stitching pintucks

On this project, the pintucks are also scalloped. Work slowly as you are using a double needle. Pivot at the top of the scallop, with the needle down. Drawing the curves and pivot points on the fabric will allow for uniform scallops and points (make sure you test that your lines will come out!).

scalloped pintucks

scalloped pintucks

I modified this dress for an Easter outfit. The client wanted a pink dress trimmed in white, no lace or collar. I used quality Swiss Batiste for the pink and white cotton sateen for the trim and cummerbund. The skirt is finished with the scalloped pintucks.

baby Easter

baby dress for Easter

The sleeves are gathered and trimmed with a band of the matching gingham fabric.

doll_baby dress

doll_baby dress

Regardless of trims or embellishments, this is a cute dress for dolls OR babies!

Note: I have a few of the 24″ Middleton Dolls still in stock. Contact me if interested.




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