Silk Christening Gown & Slip

A few weeks ago, my fingers got to itching to do one of my Christening Gown projects. I came across a length of ivory Silk Dupioni and just KNEW it would make a wonderful gown!



The bodice features lace insertion, puffing and gathered lace.

skirt closeup

skirt closeup

I modified the original design a bit, leaving the puffing strips off the skirt panels. The center three panels of the skirt are embroidered with ivory and 34″ long.

Swiss Batiste slip

Swiss Batiste slip

The slip, of quality Swiss Batiste, is gathered at the waist with a full, gathered ruffle, embellished with 12+ yeards of matching lace.

Silk gown

Silk Dupioni Christening Gown

Overall the gown has almost 20 yards of lace accenting the front panels and along the bottom edge. This ensemble may be purchased on my Etsy store (  You may contact me for this gown or other orders.



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An avid sewer ever since childhood, I have sewn countless garments, pillowcases, quilts, and more for family and friends. My passion is Heirloom sewing (also known as French sewing) but all projects are fun!

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